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For over 100 years, our family has been associated with the Australian confectionery industry. Four generations on and we are still manufacturing in Australia to this day. We pride ourselves on being market leaders in healthier sweets, delivering quality products and new taste sensations.

Thanks to great improvements in ingredients and processing technology, we are constantly coming up with new, tasty flavour & texture combinations for that ultimate, guilt free treat, made naturally!

Our sugar free products not only offer ‘lifestyle’ benefits but are also essential for quality of life for people with diabetes or those seeking less sugar intake for a variety of reasons – to maintain a healthy life.

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Double ‘D’ Family Heritage

For over 100 years our family has been pioneering and manufacturing confectionery in Australia.

Double ‘D’ is founded

Double ‘‘D’’ is founded using Eucalyptus Oils of premium quality that were ‘‘Double Distilled’’ (hence the name!).

Harry Hughes starts making confectionery in his inner-Sydney kitchen.

Over the next 100 years, the family opens and moves factories throughout Sydney.

World War II

Barley Sugar sweets used in World War 2 ration packs.

New era of candy

Modern ‘‘depositing’’ line installed. Honey Eucalyptus Drops now made with less sugar, more glucose (50%). New smooth mouthfeel, transparent appearance and superior flavour release.

Paving the way for healthy sweets

Introduction of Australia’s first ‘deposited’ high boiled Sugar Free confectionery. Made using Isomalt – naturally derived from Sugar beet. No artificial colours & flavours.

A new century

Sugar Free range reformulated with Stevia. Plant continues to expand in Sydney, with upgrades to wrapping and packaging equipment.

Five star health rating


Australia’s first 5 Health Star Gummy range start rolling off the production line in Sydney.

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Award of Excellence

Recognised by our peers, our family is proud to be twice the recipient of The ‘‘Alfred Stauder Award for Excellence’’. An award presented annually by the Confectionery manufacturers of Australia in recognition of an individuals significant contribution to the development, growth and prestige of the Australian confectionery industry.